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How to update your Streamr node

Keeping your node up to date is very important as new releases contain bug fixes and performance improvements. The exact update instructions may vary based on the environment that the node has been installed in.

Docker update guide


This guide is meant for Linux and MacOS. Windows Powershell commands will be slightly different.

To update your Streamr node from v100.0.0-testnet-three.6 to latest (for example), run:

sudo docker stop streamr && sudo docker rm streamr && sudo docker container prune --force

Then run and following command:

sudo docker images

Copy the image ID (IMAGE_ID) from the output and use it in the following command. In this next command you'll be removing your old Docker image.

sudo docker rmi IMAGE_ID

Run your updated node with the new node version,

sudo docker run -p 32200:32200 --name streamr --restart unless-stopped -d -v $(cd ~/.streamrDocker && pwd):/home/streamr/.streamr streamr/node

Your updated node will now be running. As usual, you can checkup on it with

sudo docker logs streamr --follow

npm update guide

Firstly stop your node, if you're running your node with PM2 for example, then it will be something like:

pm2 list
pm2 stop streamr

Next, globally install the node upgrade:

npm install -g @streamr/node

And then you can run the node: