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Developer FAQ

Is Streamr a Blockchain?

No, Streamr is a network of nodes that pipe messages to one another, like BitTorrent but for real-time data streams.

Does Streamr use a Blockchain?

Yes, the stream registry, access control polices and incentive mechanisms are EVM contracts on Polygon.

Is Streamr secure?

Yes. Every data point is cryptographically signed and the data is end to end encrypted.

Is Streamr free to use?

Yes, it's powered by a P2P network of reciprocity and messages are not rate limited. There is no cost per message enforced. You will need to pay a cent or two for creating streams on-chain and if you want to improve the quality of your service, then DATA tokens are required to incentivize nodes to join your stream.

How fast and scalable is the Network?

On some of the largest streams, messages reach all interested subscribers within a third of a second.

What is the DATA token used for?

DATA is the currency of the incentive layer of the Network. Its used to improve stream security, scalability and privacy.

Do you have a Python SDK?

Just JavaScript at the moment. But you can interact with the Network by running a Streamr node, then interacting with it via WebSockets, MQTT or HTTP in any language.

Does Streamr store data?

Yes, but currently in a centralized way, using Streamr Storage nodes. There are ecosystem and community efforts underway to bridge the Streamr Network's data transport capabilities with decentralized data storage.

What kind of messages and data can the Network transport?

The Network transports JSON messages only. Full binary support is coming in H2 2023.