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Project FAQ

Who is using Streamr?

Streamr is being used to power data pipelines, blockchain oracles and progressive Web3 projects that value a fully decentralized stack.

To name a few; DIMO, Swash, & Redstone.

Is the Network decentralized?

Yes. Anyone can run a node on the Network and anyone can create a stream on the Network without anyone's permission. The Network is governed by improvement proposals which are voted on by the holders of the DATA token.

Does Streamr scale?

Yes. We've worked very hard to prove that the Network does indeed scale. You can read more about that in our technical Network whitepaper and our higher level blog post about the performance and scalability of the Network

What has the project delivered so far?

Streamr began in 2017, in that time the project has delivered:

  • The decentralized real time data network
  • The Streamr SDK (TypeScript library to interact with the Streamr Network)
  • A data marketplace, offering pay to access data streams
  • A Data Unions SDK
  • The Hub; A stream creation and discovery UI.
  • The incentive layer of the Network (estimated Q1 2024)

What is the DATA token used for?

DATA is a quality of service and governance token for the Network. It is designed to be used primarily in the incentive layer of the Network to improve reliability, security and privacy in a decentralized setting.

I'm a potential technical or business partner, how do I get in touch?

You can reach out to