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What are streams

A stream is simply a sequence of data points in time, i.e. an append only log. This is semantically equivalent to topics in traditional pub/sub networks.

Stream properties:
  • Sequence of data points in time
  • Any kind of real-time data can be stored in it
  • The data will always be retrieved in the correct order
  • Identified by unique stream IDs

Let's say you have a temperature measurement device that publishes the temperature of your house every second. Then this is how your stream would look like:

2019-08-01 11:30:01.012312.56
2019-08-01 11:30:02.239312.49
2019-08-01 11:30:03.105312.42
2019-08-01 11:30:04.122312.64
2019-08-01 11:30:05.882312.32

Your stream would grow over time and you can add more colums/data fields to your timestamp.