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Utility functions

The Streamr SDK contains a handful of extra convenience functions to make developing on Streamr a little easier!


The static function StreamrClient.generateEthereumAccount() generates a new Ethereum account, returning an object with fields address and privateKey.

const { address, privateKey } = StreamrClient.generateEthereumAccount()

Retrieve the address with the async call,

const address = await streamr.getAddress()

Search for streams

You can search for streams by specifying a search term:

const streams = await streamr.searchStreams('foo');

Stream searches return an iterable AsyncIterable object that you must iterate over. For example,

const streams = await searchStreams...

for await (stream of streams) {

Alternatively or additionally to the search term, you can search for streams based on permissions.

To get all streams for which a user has any direct permission:

const streams = await streamr.searchStreams('foo', {
user: '0x12345...',

To get all streams for which a user has any permission (direct or public):

const streams = await streamr.searchStreams('foo', {
user: '0x12345...',
allowPublic: true,

It is also possible to filter by specific permissions by using allOf and anyOf properties. The allOf property should be preferred over anyOf when possible due to better query performance.

If you want to find the streams you can subscribe to:

const streams = await streamr.searchStreams(undefined, {
user: '0x12345...',
allOf: [StreamPermission.SUBSCRIBE],
allowPublic: true,